Capital Market

Investors and customers value Deutsche Hypo as a respected partner on the capital markets and as a renowned Pfandbrief bank.

Green Bond

By issuing Green Bonds, the bank also intends to meet the measurably growing demand of investors for investments in environmentally sustainable projects. The issuing of Green Bonds is part of the bank’s attempts to meet society’s objective of reducing global warming in its role as a financial intermediary.


Dirk Schönfeld

Head of Treasury

Jürgen Klebe

Head of Funding and Investor Relations


Deutsche Hypo sees itself as a capital market partner that meets the individual investment requirements of institutional investors. As an active and flexible partner for institutional investors, Deutsche Hypo issues traditional securities that are oriented towards the domestic market, as well as structured issues that meet a wide range of investor needs with their tailor-made, individual features. Deutsche Hypo thus offers a product range that is permanently and rigorously geared to the demands of the market.

Risk Reporting

As a Pfandbrief bank in terms of Section 1 of the German Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG), Deutsche Hypo is subject to the rules set out in the German Pfandbrief Act. Section 27 of this Act requires an appropriate risk management system for the identification, evaluation, control and monitoring of all risks associated with Pfandbrief business. The implementation of the existing requirements from the German Pfandbrief Act is an integral part of the existing risk management and requires the controlling of the counterparty, market price and liquidity risks on the level of the cover pools.

Mortgage loan pool

Public sector loan pool

§ 28 of the Pfandbrief Act

Deutsche Hypo provides you with up-to-date information in accordance with the transparency requirements of § 28 of the Pfandbrief Act [Pfandbriefgesetz].