Vocational training

Deutsche Hypo currently has a great need for new, qualified employees to help it grow in its fields of business.

From your very first day on the job, we at Deutsche Hypo see you as a colleague, not as a nameless trainee. During your training, you will get to know all of the relevant departments at the bank to give you a good overview of processes and the way things are related within the bank. You will also have the opportunity to work at our various offices within Germany and at our locations abroad.

Our vocational training programme is provided in close cooperation with our parent company, NORD/LB, giving you access to a wide range of seminars and workshops designed to challenge you and prepare you optimally for your professional future. Career opportunities in a variety of fields – such as national and international real estate banking, payment services or accounting – are available if we choose to hire you permanently once you have completed your vocational training.


Benedikt von Abendroth

Group Leader

Bendikt von Abendroth started his vocational training at Deutsche Hypo in 1999 and completed a cooperative education programme at Leibniz-Akademie in Hanover. After earning his degree, he started working as an analyst in the lending business before joining Credit Risk Controlling, where his responsibilities included various topics related to the implementation of Basel II. He joined the General Credit Department in mid-2009, where his responsibilities included the continued development of lending processes and guidelines as well as the implementation of related regulatory requirements. Benedikt von Abendroth became the department’s group leader in September 2015.

Christin Rudolph

Administrative staff

Christin Rudolph started her two-year vocational training as a bank clerk at Deutsche Hypo in 2008 and subsequently took up her first position as an accounting administrator. In addition, she completed her banking degree in 2013. Following an internship in corporate management, she moved to this department in 2016 and has since been responsible for controlling, reporting and cost planning as well as preparing the reporting for the London branch.

Jens Assmann

Head of department

Jens Assmann has been a member of the NORD/LB Group since 2003. Following his trainee programme, he started his career as a consultant to Dr. Jürgen Allerkamp, a former member of the NORD/LB Board of Managing Directors and Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Deutsche Hypo. After holding further positions in Corporate & Structured Finance and in the New York branch, Mr Assmann moved to Deutsche Hypo in 2009. Here he worked as a project manager in corporate development and as a group manager in international credit management. Jens Assmann has been the head of the Credit Management department since 2017.

Vocational training at Deutsche Hypo is characterised by variety and ample opportunities to get to know different departments. This approach sets it apart from vocational training programmes at other financial institutions. In cooperation with NORD/LB, Deutsche Hypo provides practical vocational training backed by a sound theoretical foundation in a wide range of careers. Are you looking for a different kind of bank training? Then start your career with us.

Bachelor of arts (financial services)

  • Two degrees: After three years of education, you will receive your bachelor of arts degree. Certification by a German chamber of commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer) as a banker or bank clerk is also possible at the same time.
  • Attractive, above-average pay: greater financial flexibility and independence than during full-time university enrolment, for example
  • Time for personal professional orientation: opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and orientation from an attractive employer
  • Hands-on, high-quality course of study: education at the Leibniz Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) at regular intervals in combination with hands-on experience at one of the highest profile German Pfandbrief banks with a focus on commercial real estate finance. Small size classes and intensive support guarantee a well-organised and individually tailored learning environment.
  • Closely supervised learning and training concept: comprehensive individual support through one-to-one meetings and regular team meetings
  • Excellent career opportunities: comprehensive on-the-job training offers advantages compared to joining the company immediately after earning your degree.
  • Qualification to attend university (Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachabitur) with average marks of at least 2.0 under the German system
  • Key subjects: German, maths and foreign languages
  • Good numerical reasoning and interest in working with numbers
  • Good to very good MS Office skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Interest in business and economics
  • Enjoyment in working with people, plus customer- and service-oriented mindset
  • Friendly, confident and open nature
  • Extraordinary willingness to learn
  • Communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Mental flexibility and flexible approach to time planning
  • Entry-level opportunities in nearly all lines of business, such as commercial real estate finance, credit risk management, property valuation, accounting, corporate communications and human resources.

Vocational training at Deutsche Hypo is a form of cooperative education under Germany’s dual system of training and education (duales System) and takes three years to complete.

  • Cooperative education encompasses a variety of theoretical and practical phases and takes three years (six semesters) to complete.
  • Students may opt to take an exam to obtain certification by a German chamber of commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer) as a banker or bank clerk.
  • Special in-depth instruction in lending, securities, marketing, human resources, finance or sales is available from the fourth semester.
  • Students may opt to gain a project manager certification upon completion of their studies.