The Debt Issuance Programme as platform for international bond issuance

Deutsche Hypo sees itself as a capital market partner that meets the individual investment requirements of institutional investors. As an active and flexible partner for institutional investors, Deutsche Hypo issues traditional securities that are oriented towards the domestic market, as well as structured issues that meet a wide range of investor needs with their tailor-made, individual features. Deutsche Hypo thus offers a product range that is permanently and rigorously geared to the demands of the market.

The Debt Issuance Programme (DIP), launched in January 2004 and worth € 15 billion provides the platform for all issued products, i.e.

• Mortgage Pfandbriefe
• Public Pfandbriefe
• Senior unsecured bonds
• Subordinated capital

enabling them to be marketed internationally in a large number of major currencies.

As the privilege for frequent issuers (“Daueremittentenprivileg”) ended on 31 December 2008, the Debt Issuance Programme is now the only platform for the issuance of bearer notes according to applicable law (“WpPG – Wertpapierprospekt-gesetz” [German Securities Prospectus Act]).

We guarantee that dealer institutions will receive the utmost level of price transparency and consistency – a service that will also indirectly benefit end investors. We aim to achieve this by emailing our price indications as a PDF attachment to all the programme dealers at least once a month and, in particular, whenever any changes occur. The Debt Issuance Programme is also open to new counterparties who can make drawings on the Programme in the capacity of ad-hoc dealers or dealers of the day. New counterparties that perform consistently well will then be given the option of also becoming programme dealers.

Deutsche Hypo permanently offers ample liquidity, even for large withdrawals, as part of the Debt Issuance Programme; the issues are currently being well received on the market, in particular by internationally active investors.

The issue currencies have been the Euro, the US Dollar, the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen, the Pound Sterling and the New Zealand Dollar.

Issuing activity under the Debt Issuance Programme has been supported by the entire programme consortium, with each institution playing to its particular regional and structural strengths in terms of placement. Details of the composition of the consortium and all other basic data relating to the Programme can be found in the Prospectus, which is compliant with the EU Prospectus Directive, already transposed into German national law, and therefore fully in line with the latest documentation requirements.

In its funding activities, as in all its operations on the capital markets, Deutsche Hypo makes a point of reacting quickly and flexibly to investor wishes as well as to market requirements, so as to exploit the multiplier effect within the renowned and international dealer consortium and thus meet investor demand as effectively as possible. By building on cordial, trusting and long-term relations with key players on the international capital markets, Deutsche Hypo aims to create the broadest possible pool of investors.

The product range, accessible in particular through the Debt Issuance Programme, enjoys high ratings, creating lasting investor confidence and in particular making it easier to place the products internationally.

Restrictions on use and disclaimer

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