Real Estate Finance

The main business activity of Deutsche Hypo is the financing of commercial real estate in cooperation with professional and institutional investors.

Real Estate Finance Business

Deutsche Hypo - The expert for commercial real-estate financing

  • Deutsche Hypo operates as a long experienced specialist on the domestic as well as on foreign markets
  • Within the NORD/LB Group it forms the centre of competence for commercial real estate finance business and currently reports a finance volume of € 12.0 bn. in its direct business with professional real-estate investors, Deutsche Hypo provides custom and complex forms of financing with an extensive product range.
  • Deutsche Hypo is committed to high-value property, with the following asset classes: office and retail properties, apartment buildings, hotels and logistics.

Core markets and target group

  • Deutsche Hypo is represented in central points throughout Germany and has a European alignment with branches in top locations such as Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Paris and Warsaw.
  • The strategic markets of Deutsche Hypo are Germany, Great Britain, France, the Benelux Region, Spain, Poland and Austria.
  • The business focus lies in commercial real-estate financing in regions with a consistent real estate, long term development perspectives, good tenants and stable cash flows.
  • Deutsche Hypo is partner to a variety of customer groups. Customers are institutional investors such as real estate funds, real estate companies/REITs, leasing companies, financial investors, developers, banks, affiliated companies and institutions and professional private investors.

Our core strengths in real-estate financing

  • Real-estate financing has been the core business of Deutsche Hypo for almost 150 years.
  • The advantages to working with us lie in the high market expertise of our bank and employees as well as in personal and strategic continuity.
  • Speedy approval processes and fast implementations, as well as partnership based actions, which lay the ground for long-term and sustainable business ventures.

Product range

An overview of the product range of Deutsche Hypo

Portfolio and lease financing

The financing of existing properties and leasing finance are traditional real estate financing options that can be used to buy or restructure existing commercial properties. Deutsche Hypo finances the purchase of office buildings, residential real estate, retail properties and shopping centres, as well as logistics real estate and hotels.

Financing of product developments

Traditional project development covers every stage of creating a property, right up to its marketing with the aim of leasing it out or selling it. Measures may include improving the mix of tenants, reorganising or redeveloping spaces (restructuring), improving a building’s structure or performing extensive renovations (refurbishment) and coming up with new concepts for a property or location (revitalisation).

Interest and currency management, structuring

Deutsche Hypo is its customers’ first point of contact for the range of products offered by the NORD/LB Group. We take additional financing options into account when structuring your financing and help you get in touch with the right contacts at the Group.

Strategic collaboration with institutional investors

In cooperation with our strategic institutional partners, we are able to offer you a financing structure from a single source. Deutsche Hypo arranges the details, acts as your contact and reaches out directly to institutional investors based on your financing needs.


Mezzanine / subordinated financing

Subordinated loans are secured by collaterals and used when senior debt options from banks providing financing have been exhausted or the financing transaction is highly complex (such as project developments and refurbishments). They help close the gap between the existing senior debt available or conceivable for the senior lender and the full financing requirements of the project.

Financing of portfolios or acquisitions

With financing of portfolios and acquisitions, the lender provides support for the purchase of real estate portfolios, from initiating and coordinating the process to making the final purchase. Deutsche Hypo has outstanding expertise in this field, especially when it comes to in international deals in its target markets Germany, the UK, Benelux, France, Spain and Poland.

Green Loan

Following the successful implementation of the Green Bond, the Green Loan is the logical extension of the sustainability concept in Deutsche Hypo’s core business. The demand for “green financial products” by investors and borrowers is growing ever stronger, to which the European Commission is responding with draft laws and banks with innovative financial products.

Deutsche Hypo’s objective is to ensure the necessary sustainability aspects in its business activities on the assets and liabilities side by granting green loans and issuing green bonds. A Green Loan can be granted for selected Green Buildings.

A Green Building is…

  • a modern, contemporary and future-oriented building,
  • with a good to very good location for the specific type of use,
  • which is particularly energy-efficient thanks to energy-efficient plant technology and very good energetic properties,
  • and third party usability.

A Green Loan is the financing of such a Green Building. For customers of Deutsche Hypo, a green loan offers the advantage of a margin reduction of five to ten basis points. Please speak to your contact person and learn more about the advantages of a Green Loan financing.