Benchmark issue of Deutsche Hypo significantly oversubscribed

Deutsche Hypo has today successfully issued its second benchmark mortgage Pfandbrief of the year. The volume of the issue is 500 million euros. The underlying mortgage loans from commercial real estate customers are again mainly in the target markets of Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Poland.

The Pfandbrief with a six-year maturity has a coupon of 0.25% at an issue price of 99.632 %, corresponding to a yield of 0.312 %. This transaction was supported by Commerzbank, HSBC, the NORD/LB, UniCredit and WGZ, who each contributed their placement strengths and so led to the success of the issue.

Today’s issue took place without a “warming up period”. Thanks to the good market momentum the orientation phase by investor survey (“initial price talk”, IPT) could be omitted. In the two-hour order-book period, 37 orders were reached with a total volume of about 800 million euros. The bulk of the demand came from Germany (87%). More orders were allocated from the Benelux countries, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Israel. “We are excited about the broad placement of this issue. Savings banks, Landesbanks, central banks, asset managers and private banks were among the investors, which shows that our investors range is very wide,” said Andreas Pohl, Speaker of the Board of Managing Directors of Deutsche Hypo. “Taking the current issue in consideration, there will be an issue due every year in the years 2016 to 2022, so that there is a continuous issuance curve of the bank.”

Deutsche Hypo looks back on 140 years of experience in the capital markets, and is one of the oldest Pfandbrief banks in Germany. In addition to Pfandbriefe Deutsche Hypo also issues unsecured bearer and registered bonds.


Benchmark issue key figures

Issuer: Deutsche Hypothekenbank (Actien-Gesellschaft)

Format: Mortgage Pfandbrief

ISIN: DE000DHY4556

Maturity: 18 November 2021

Volume: EUR 500 million

Spread: mid swap minus 8 basis point

Coupon: 0.25%

Rating: Aa1 (Moody’s)

Stock exchange: Hanover