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Deutsche Hypo launches green loans onto the market

Following the successful issue of its second green Pfandbrief at the end of last year, Deutsche Hypothekenbank continues to expand its green value chain. When a “green loan” is granted, the focus is on the financing of modern, forward-looking, energy-efficient properties. It also creates an incentive to conserve resources and build in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.


The suitability of a project for a green loan is determined using an in-house scoring model. The criteria include energy consumption, certification, proximity to public transport, the materials used and the extent of surface sealing. The tenant mix is also analysed, and properties with controversial primary tenants are excluded. If a property is suitable for a green loan, then it is appropriately incentivised by adjusting the margin accordingly.


“We have seen increased demand for green financial products from our customers and investors, and are very pleased to meet that demand,” explains Sabine Barthauer, Member of the Board of Managing Directors of Deutsche Hypo. “Our experience issuing green Pfandbriefe has been very positive. The introduction of the green loan reflects the consistent implementation of our sustainability strategy on the asset side, and therefore in our core business.”


Deutsche Hypo has also financed green buildings in the past. However, the green loan initiative is the first time it has financed and incentivised green buildings in the scope of a defined process. Along with the further issue of green Pfandbriefe, the bank thereby demonstrates its integrated green value chain, which will further improve the quality of its portfolio with regard to sustainability in the long term.