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Real Estate Special: Poland’s real estate market is expanding

Deutsche Hypo study forecasts positive development in all asset classes

Poland will continue to build on its appeal as central Europe’s largest real estate investment market and will continue expanding as it has for many years now, according to Deutsche Hypo’s latest Real Estate Special study. The study indicates that there is potential for growth in the office, retail, logistics and hotel real estate markets in Poland.

“The Polish real estate market is in the middle of an upswing,” says Sabine Barthauer, Member of the Board of Managing Directors at Deutsche Hypo. “Investor demand for properties in our neighbouring country has risen even further recently, especially in Warsaw. Regional markets such as Krakow, Wroclaw and Tri-City are also reporting remarkable growth rates, for example when it comes to the amount of space on offer.”

Deutsche Hypo’s study takes an in-depth look at the development in each of the individual assets classes in Poland. For the office real estate market, the country’s special level of suitability as an outsourcing location and Brexit-related corporate relocations are among the factors driving growth potential. High private consumer spending moving forward will boost retail sales in Poland and continue to bolster the retail real estate market. The Polish logistics real estate market will also benefit from further growth in e-commerce and the current efforts to expand infrastructure, especially the road network, according to the study. It also predicts that Poland’s importance as a tourist destination will increase as tourist numbers rise – with a correspondingly positive effect on the hotel real estate market.